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This is Friendica, version 2022.12-dev that is running at the web location The database version is 1488/1488, the post update version is 1484/1484.

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Suggestions, praise, etc. - please email "info" at "friendi - dot - ca

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On this server the following remote servers are blocked.

Blocked domain Reason for the block All bots, all the time Gab Gab Gab Gab Gab Fuck Kiwifarms in particular my god, it's full of fascists Transphobic harassment Transphobic harassment and data scraping freeze peach ❄️🍑 Gab-adjacent Gab-adjacent Gab-adjacent Ableism, Gab-friendly, Nazis/Nazi enablers Followbot Nazis, KKK, pedophilia, homophobia Racism, Nazi shit Admin follows shitty Gab accounts and I'm just not gonna mess with that Right-wing nationalist/Trump supporter instance Gab/Spinster/Soapbox (reactionary right/racism/TERFs/incels/misogyny) Nazism, fascism freeze peach ❄️🍑 Data scraping Nazis/Nazi enablers Nazis/Nazi enablers Nazis/Nazi enablers Nazis/Nazi enablers Nazis/Nazi enablers Nazis/Nazi enablers freeze peach ❄️🍑 freeze peach ❄️🍑 Loli, plus Nazi shit freeze peach ❄️🍑 Antisemitism, sexualizing minors freeze peach ❄️🍑, GamerGate bullshit, Nazi shit from admins Ancap bullshit QAnon bullshit, alt-right hub Ancap bullshit, recommended on a fascist's list freeze peach ❄️🍑, COVID-19 conspiracy theories Uncensored sexualized art of underage characters Uncensored sexualized art of underage characters Followspam Admin harasses people, racism, Nazism, un-CW'd porn. Outdated Mastodon version led to being overrun by spambots, sexualizing minors Literally hosts Alex Jones. Nope. QAnon bullshit, freeze peach Pro-Bolsonaro is pro-fascism. Also, freeze peach. white supremacist bullshit, freeze peach No ToS, admin boosts a lot of Nazi shit. Graphic murder fantasies and death threats seemingly allowed because of some twisted notion of grievance supremacy. Fuck that. pro-Trump freeze peach COVID-19 misinformation, general pro-Trump freeze peach vibes Freeze peach Freeze peach bullshit, which always seems to attract just the worst people. Weird, huh? Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Sexualizing minors Crypto mining nonsense absofuckinglutely not not in a million years It's Gab. That's reason enough. Christian supremacism Nazi harassers fuck off Transphobia, racial slurs Racism and transphobia Racism and transphobia Admin harasses others to make a point hostile jerk Admin uses racial slurs and suicide-encouraging harrassment freeeeze peach Right-wing spam Admin is KiwiFarms apologist, users posting racial slurs Casual antisemitism Racism, slurs Transphobia and antisemitism
rapemeat* Series of pro-rape servers Harassment of blockers Homophobia, cartoon CP Racism, antisemitism, white supremacy, trolling
* Gab
* It's 4chan shit Gross Nazi shit Edgelord shit Crypto nonsense Freeze peach, antisemitism, racial slurs, trolling and harassment, admin is self-described "Christian National Socialist" Federates with spinster, transphobia Administration will not actively eject known anti-trans activist. Lack of respect for privacy and consent, promoting stalker tools, platforming transphobes Nazi shit
* Protocol abuse, spam Protocol abuse, spam Protocol abuse, spam Admin claims to be a Nazi sympathizer, is quick to call defederation "fascism". I'm getting bad vibes; why bother? Suspicious followbot-like activity

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