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Outside of, like, a pie eating contest, don't you ALWAYS eat with your hands? Just that most times there's something between your hands and the food.
I eat pizza with utensils.
Using your HANDS, right???
You read correctly. Although I've been caught eating it with my bare hands in informal contexts.
I also eat Cheez Doodles with chopsticks.
Yes. This is a pro move. Also same.

I eat the chips with my hands using chopsticks.
Ooooooooh, I finally got it.

You semantic monster.

Local Dad, Ben Hamill reshared this.

Yes, that's me.
Hmm, bobbing for apples?

And babies have a thing going on there too.
â€ĶI think of salad as a finger food, since that gives me better control over which pieces I get and how much dressing is on them, I guess.

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