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Hi friends and followers!

This account was always intended as a somewhat temporary one as I got used to Friendica and prepared to launch a dedicated instance for my friends. That time has come, and so I'm going to be winding down activity on this account.

My new account is @Spencer If we're mutuals, I'll probably send you a new friend request from that. If you follow me here, well, feel free to follow that account as well.

I won't be deleting this account, at least not immediately--it's handy to have a Friendica instance I can use for testing. But for day-to-day social stuff, you can find me over at Motley!


Although I'm reconsidering now that I've seen your new account full size avatar picture.

Side note: none of the pictures in your pinned post show.
What, you don't like the pixels? 😜

I think that's a permissions thing. I actually intended the pinned post to only be visible to people in my "Motley" group, so I wonder if I bungled post permissions somewhere, since you're not in that group. Hmmm.
The individual images all had permissions that made them inaccessible to people not in my "Motley" group. You should be able to see them now, @Hypolite Petovan.

Though that's its own oddity, since the post appears to be shared only with the "Motley" contact group, and you're not in that group! I've removed @Spencer from that group as well, and yet I can still see the pinned post.

How very strange.
I cannot see your pinned post at all anymore.
I wish I could say I'd done something to fix it, but alas, I just unpinned it. 📌
Thank you for your GitHub issue.
For sure! I'm trying to be better about making those once I'm relatively certain I'm encountering an actual issue and not just my own lack of understanding.

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