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I think we on the left could use a lot more friendly, approachable media. While I love me some good aggressive graphic design, right now, I think the right is consistently winning the propaganda game in part because they wrap their ideas with really easy-to-swallow tone and appeals to common sense. We can do that too, in pursuit of a more compassionate, humane, and just world.

So I made a couple images for my local chapter of the IWW that I'm pretty proud of.

A blue frame. The background is two rectangles, one very short and one very tall, like a bar chart. The text reads, "You work so your bosses can get rich. Every penny in a boss's pocket, all the way up to the CEO, comes from the work of you and your fellow workers. Are you happy with your end of the deal?" In the bottom-right corner is the logo of the Industrial Workers of the World and the URL "".

A green frame. The background is a dollar bill. The text reads, "Who makes your boss's money? Your boss may not say it, but they need your skills and hard work. Without it, they'd have nothing to sell. So why should they hold all the cards?" In the bottom-right corner is the logo of the Industrial Workers of the World and the URL "".

A red frame. The background is a school of small fish chasing a larger fish. The text reads, "United, we're strong. Bosses hold a lot of power. They can cut your hours, your pay, your benefits. They can fire you and leave you out to dry. But they need you and your coworkers. You make their business possible. We have power too. It's called solidarity." In the bottom-right corner is the logo of the Industrial Workers of the World and the URL "".

I have SVG versions of these if people want to play with them. I'm happy for these to be spread widely; please download them, share them, modify them, whatever. Information wants to be free!

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This is totally off-topic, but those image descriptions are incredibly detailed! Thanks for taking the time to do that! :blobthumbsup:
>in pursuit of a more compassionate, humane, and just world

As long as our mates in general and our propagandists in particular don't get in their heads that nobody wants the opposite of this, the needle will never be swayed. It's not us versus them, it's us *with* them.
also I find it funny that you're railing against bosses when they're only employees of the megacorps we should be fighting, and only pocket the surplus value of our labor in small businesses, which is also where workers enjoy the greatest relative bargaining power
Yeah, no, workers and middle managers do not have much in common in terms of bargaining power and overall importance even for megacorps.
I think two things can be true:

1. Managers, as humans, deserve happiness, safety, security, the opportunity to engage in meaningful work, and all the other basic human dignities.
2. Management is, by and large, a "bullshit job" that produces nothing and only exists as a result of the organizational complexity (and ever-squeezing pressure to create value) of late-stage capitalism.
I really want to figure out how to start up a left-wing propaganda organisation.

Just quick easy to understand soundbites and visuals like those.
I think the "lefty" way to do it is distributed. Make toolkits, distribute them for free. Decrease the barrier to entry. Create a network rather than a central designated authority.

Mostly because I don't think we'll ever have the institutional support to have an organization, as such. For some reason, established institutions don't seem to much care for anticapitalist messaging. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

But I'm not trying to rain on your parade, by any means. If that sparks a fire for you, go for it! More power to you.
Thise are very cool. Professional looking. Accessible message. Good idea! @ParadeGrotesque
As an IWW member I like it very much. I also like that the message would not be out of place next to a Laborerโ€™s International Union logo. ( Just as an example ) I see that as a significant feature. @ParadeGrotesque
I like these, though I'll point out that another big reason RWing messaging has traction is because it constantly reinforces the "objective," historically inaccurate bullshit most of us were already marinated in from birth. (At least, that's true in the U.S.)
Oh boy, this is blowing up and so is my anxiety. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Generally, I'm not interested in arguing these points, folks, so if you have improvements or disagreements, I recommend you take them to your own space. I won't be hashing it out with strangers. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
I've never seen a Friendica post make such high resharing numbers, congrats!
Yeah, me neither! When I went to bed last night, it was still unnoticed; I woke up at it was hovering at about 60 each of likes/reshares. ๐Ÿคฏ

I definitely feel a bit exposed, but I'm glad it's resonating with people!
I really like these! Have been thinking the same for a very long time; that we need a lot more messaging & propoganda that sounds supportive rather than violent.
lovely, thank you!
I'm definitely interested in getting a bunch of these printed on stickers.
Are you OK with that?
Would you like me to send you some?
Totally okay with that! If you'd like to send me a couple, that would be cool.

I'm happy to send you PDF (for printing) or SVG (for editing) versions if that would be helpful.

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